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We believe art works


urban contemporary art agency



Artworqs is an agency for urban contemporary art. We believe, as our brand name implies, that art works and it will realize a positive impact when created in the right way.


We combine our passion for urban art and our broad international artist network with our experience in organizational project management.


We put ourselves in both the position of our client as well as the artists with whom we work. This creates a strong connection between all parties, resulting in high quality artwork projects.


Our primary focus is connecting the highest quality urban (street) artists to local initiatives, resulting in aesthetic & highly recognized urban artworks.

Artworqs offers full service on art projects:

  • advice on style & artist selection

  • production management

  • project supervision.


We guarantee high quality artworks from internationally recognized artists.


Contact us here for any inquiries concerning urban contemporary art projects.



Meet the team

IMG_8137 (1).jpg
David Roos

Tel: +31 6 11 38 00 83

Micha Scheffer

Tel: +31 6 41 26 85 14


Stay in touch


Agency office @ Rotterdam

the Netherlands


Tel: + 31 6 11 38 00 83

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